Talking Props Performing Arts Studios Limited is a registered company operating within England and Wales (Company Number 09405544)

Joining is easy

To join us simply get in touch via the details below. We will invite you along to the studio to try a FREE week or to an open day depending on the time of year.

Then simply tell us which classes you would like to join, fill in a form and that's it! You're a member!

We offer different packages to suit every pocket!

Elite - All Classes available to your age group including performing in all Musicals, showcases, competitions and public events. 

(9 hours of classes)

Musical Theatre - Two hours of rehearsal a week plus acting class and vocal coaching! You will of course perform in our Musicals and showcases.

(3.5 hours of classes)

Dancer - All Dance classes, this does not include performing in our musicals but does include showcases and competitions.

(6.5 hours of classes)

Mini - All classes in our Mini age group. This includes performing in our Junior Musical and competitions and showcases.

(3 hours of classes)

And if you just want to do one or two classes that's ok!

We offer Pay as you go!

Want to JOIN NOW - Get in touch!

07548 323 773  |  01562 227 926