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Talking Props Classes
We split our classes in School Years although age my vary as we do split on ability once we learn students capability. Our classes follow a Syllabus, lesson plans and rehearsal schedules. Our main intake of students range from ages 6 to 18, we have designated Mini classes for children aged 3 to 5 and adult classes for those 18 and over!

Our classes focus on both technical training and rehearsal towards a finished product. We teach all the popular disciplines of dance, as well as designated acting classes and tumbling. We then have separate timetabled rehearsals for our Musical Productions, showcases, events and competitions. Classes are inclusive, fun and engaging, the tuition is of a high standard and becomes more complex with age, students who then wish to turn their training into a profession or move into a stage school at 18 will have the foundation training to do so. On the flip side, we pride ourselves on our welcoming atmosphere so anyone looking to simply make friends and become more confident will also enjoy our classes and show experiences. 

Musical Theatre!

£99 per month


Juniors (School years two to five) 10am to 12pm

Intermediates (School years six to nine) 12pm to 2pm
Seniors (School years ten to thirteen) 5pm to 7pm

Rehearsal projects on a Sunday are technical classes in basic acting and basic Jazz with vocal training mixed into rehearsals to perform in:

- The Winter Pantomime (in association with Monday Night Group)

- The Summer Musical (Either one whole school show if the casting permits or two or three separate musicals to ensure students have an equal opportunity to perform)


Elite Students

£139 per month (£129 for Juniors aged 11 and under)


Juniors - 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Seniors - 6:30pm to 9:30pm



Intermediates - 4:30pm to 7:30pm

This includes all of the above events in both Rehearsal projects and rehearsal projects plus but also includes technical classes in the week in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Tumbling.

Then, we don't run Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Tumbling one week a month but keep to the same times! And run classes in Vocal coaching, advanced acting and voice, screen acting and each student receives a full 10 minute private session to work towards a dance, monologue, song, anything they want ready for the following:

- An Elite only showcase in the Summer
- A London/Birmingham Showcase (rotates each year)


Fees are pro rated and paid over 12 months of the year so it's a simple standing order each month that you don't need to think about. Just cancel it when you leave us! There is a 20% discount on any additional children from the same household

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